Dr Belinda Tibbetts


October 2016:

Ground-Breaking Research Showcase

Presentation of doctoral research results including the identification of obstructed labour resulting in maternal-fetal mortality and skeletal evidence of assisted breech delivery.

October 2015:

Ground-Breaking Research Showcase

Presentation of new findings arising from my doctoral research including skeletal evidence of metabolic disturbance in prenatal individuals and compromised maternal health during the final trimester of pregnancy.

September 2015:

European Association of Archaeologists

Session: Current approaches to archaeological juvenile burials.

Paper Presentation: 'Perinatal Death and Cultural Buffering in a Neolithic Community: Case study of neonatal individuals from Çatalhöyük.'

September 2015:

European Association of Archaeologists

Session: Conditioned Pasts: On the sociopolitical dimensions of current archaeologies.

Paper Presentation: 'Gender and Commodification of the Past: The (mis)-representations of Viking women in cultural production.' Co-authors E. Wapshott, T. Schenck, and V. Buffon.


July 2007:

AMPHORA Conference

Paper Presentation: 'Grave Goods from Infant Burials: Unusual items recovered from Iron Age settlement sites in southern England.'

September 2006:

XV World Congress UISPP, Lisbon

Session: Babies Reborn: Infant / Child Burials in Pre- and Protohistory.

Paper Presentation: 'Infant Burials in Iron Age Britain.'

Professional Meetings

July 2016:

Challenging the Status Quo in Academia

Presentation on the challenges of professional development within academia and strategies for achieving professional goals.