Jenny Lee

October 2014 to present

Level 3 Enivornment and Empire

Providing lectures and seminars on topic relating to the environment and the British Empire 


Level 3: Environment and Empire

Geography Department

Leading discussion in seminars on commodity frontiers and the history of technology with 20 students.

Setting reading lists and designing content based on my own doctoral research.


Level 2: Nature and Culture

Geography Department

Leading on the history of landscape architecture within English stately homes with 20 students. 

January 2012 to present

Level 1: Foundation History

History Department

Leading discussion on historiographical topics with five classes of 10-15 students.

Solely responsible for the delivery of seminars for this module to the entire year group (2013/4).

Essay, presentation and exam marking.



Exeter Teaching Awards

Nomination in the category of 'Best Postgraduate Teacher'

October 2011 to December 2011

Level 1: World History 1

History Department

Leading discussion on topics concerning globalization and world history since c.1500 with 10-15 students.  

Presentation marking.