Jeremy Hannay

Department: Graduate School of Education
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Special Educational Needs and Disability

Project Summary

Professional Capital is the systematic development and integration of three kinds of capital - human, social and decisional. While the goal is to increase human capital (talent), you can’t get much human capital by focusing on the capital of individuals. Capital has to be circulated and shared. Groups, teams, and communities are for more powerful than individuals when it comes to developing human capital (Hargreaves and Fullan, 2012).

Lesson Study is a model of teacher learning and professional development that originated in Japan.  I believe that it can also be used as an agent of cultural and climate change within a school, connecting professional teachers to research, practice and each other.  

I believe that Lesson Study can help change the culture of a school and school system.  

In 2016, I initiated Lesson Study in an Inner London primary school. The Lesson Study itself was organised so that teams of teachers were investigating the impact of the Singaporean approach to mathematics with struggling and advanced learners in mixed attainment groups.  

The focus of the research is to determine the impact that Lesson Study has on the climate of the school and the teachers' self efficacy as it relates to inclusive practice.   


Supervisory Team

Professor Brahm Norwich & Dr Alison Black

Wider Research Interests

Educational Leadership / Change

Large scale system reform

Urban Schooling

Early school-leavers / NEETs