Joshua Hockley-Still

Discipline: History

Project Summary

My thesis is titled 'Euroscepticism in the Labour Party: The Role Played By The Labour Common Market Safeguards Committee From 1975' and will investigate the nature of the Euroscepticism espoused by various Labour politicians over the past 50 years.  In particular, I plan to examine the role played by the Labour Common Market Safeguards Committee, the main Labour Eurosceptic group of MPs in Parliament.  I also intend to examine how Labour's history of Euroscepticism can help us understand the present, where over a third of Labour voters confounded expectations in voting to leave the EU.

Supervisory Team

Primary supervisor - Professor Richard Toye

Secondary supervisor - Dr David Thackeray

Pastoral supervisor - Dr Ana Antic

Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests are in the field of modern political history, in Britain, the United States and Western Europe, as well as the history of the European Union.