Rob Valkass


25th June 2015:

Optical Polarisation Conversion in the Near Field

30th March 2015:

Magnetism 2015

3rd November 2014:

Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Delivered a talk titled Imaging the equilibrium state and magnetization dynamics of partially-built hard disk write heads to an international delegation of academics and industry figures.

3rd September 2014:

Diamond Synchrotron Radiation User Meeting

Presented a poster entitled Imaging the equilibrium state and magnetisation dynamics of partially-built hard disk write heads to a delegation of international synchrotron users from both academia and industry.

Summer Schools

22nd September 2014:

Diamond Summer School

Graduate School Skills Workshops

23rd March 2015:

Managing People

  • Learned the principles of performance management and frameworks to help get the best out of people
  • Understood how to work within organisational guidelines to accomplish team goals
  • Effectively planned and allocated work, and monitored a team's performance against that plan
  • Understand the importance of motivation and morale in improving performance

20th March 2015:

Advocacy Skills

  • Learned how to tactfully assert my own interests, points of view, rights and needs
  • Investigated techniques for making informed decisions in a logical and rational manner, and taking responsibility for those decisions
  • Improved skills for overcoming objections and concerns when communicating with customers, clients, colleagues and stakeholders, including the resolution of supply chain and political issues
  • Learned strategies to remain calm and confidently defend a position under pressure

24th November 2014:

Using Posters to Communicate Research

  • Developed techniques to produce informative, well-designed, professional posters
  • Considered techniques to address the needs of the intended audience
  • Appraised example posters and reflected on my past posters and those of others

9th December 2013:

Research Planning and Time Management

  • Investigated a variety of different standard project planning and management techniques
  • Considered the importance of identifying and scheduling activities, delegating tasks, creating and tracking milestones, and identifying projects that are in need of more attention
  • Developed an awareness of the role of stakeholders in the planning and management process
  • Applied these new skills to my research tasks

9th December 2013:

How to Store and Back Up Data Securely

  • Increased awareness of the legal and ethical issues surrounding data storage and back up.
  • Discussion of the roles of encryption and access control for data of differing sensitivities
  • Selection of the most appropriate data storage and back up methods for different situations

21st November 2013:

Presentation Skills

  • Considered the needs of different audiences and methods to address them
  • Improved my use of voice, pace, gestures, body language and audience engagement during presentations
  • Explored techniques for delivering confidently and professionally, particularly during questioning
  • Reflected upon my own presentation skills and those of others, both giving and receiving constructive feedback

18th September 2013:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

  • Considered how different aspects of teaching and learning in higher education can be applied to physics
  • Connected recent pedagogy with personal experience to develop compelling learning and teaching methodologies
  • Explored the knowledge, understanding, skills and values required by students to learn effectively in modern higher education
  • Reflected on my practice and that of others with an aim to improving teaching and learning within physics