Tamara Al Khalili

2017 to 2019

Beirut Arab University - Lebanon

I currently teach several English undergraduate courses including General English, Advanced Writing and Speech Communication.

1.     General English is a general course that enhances language skills and provides coverage of basic grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing for undergraduate students.

2.     ‚ÄčAdvanced Writing: This course trains students to write different types of essays on various topics to present compare and contrast, expose concepts and ideas, as well as to state causes and effects in an organized manner. Besides, this course introduces students to the types of documents relevant to technical/professional settings. The course, thus, aims at providing students with the necessary skills for self-expression, for academic and professional writing and/or research.

3.     Speech Communication: Theory and practice of speech communication behavior in one-to-one, small group, and public communication situations are introduced in this course. Students learn more about themselves, improve skills in communicating with others, and prepare and deliver formal public speeches.

2014 to 2016

Dar Al Uloom University - KSA

I taught ESL courses at the preparatory year program at DAU including:

-     Several English reading, writing, listening & speaking courses

‚Äč-     IELTS preparation courses.

2013 to 2014

Najd Schools - KSA

As Students’ Academic Advisor, I handled all what is related to students from Kgs to Grade 9 academically. In addition to that, I worked as accreditation (WASC) coordinator in the school’s girl section where I conducted a study about the students’ academic performance for three years and I prepared reports about the strength and weaknesses of the educational system followed in the school. I conducted students, parents and teachers’ surveys, I established new school policies and I created progress reports.

2012 to 2013

King Saud International School - KSA

As the head of registrar office & reception division, I was in charge of all office duties and I managed the office assistants employed within the school's main administration. The main duties were administrative duties and management ranging from registration officer, database supervisor (LMS), auditor, secretarial duties, problem solver and statistics provider and reporter to the higher management.

2007 to 2010

King Saud International School

I taught several subjects in the upper elementary section.



2005 to 2006

Najd Schools - KSA

I taught ESL courses at the middle school.


2004 to 2005

Houssam Hariri High School - Lebanon

I taught several subjects at the elementary section of the school.