Amina Ghezal

Discipline: Politics

Project Summary

Amina is an interdisciplinary PhD student in Politics and International Studies, with a background in humanities - Literature, Language and Cultural studies. She is part of the ESI (Environment and Sustainability Institute) in Exeter Penryn campus. Her research interests fall under transnationalism, migration, belonging and place attachment. She is interested in exploring the mobility and transnational migration trajectories, migration push and pull factors including climate change and socio-economic pressures. Her research seeks to understand migrants conceptions of place attachments and national identity between homeland and host-land under such pressures. Precisely, Amina is interested in migration trajectories from Tuvalu (A tiny island nation located in Oceania ) to the neighbouring island nations, precisely New Zealand. 


Supervisory Team

My research is supervised by: 

Professor Clare Saunders

Co-supervised by:

Dr. James Muldoon


Wider Research Interests

I'm interested in:

- Tuvalu

- Transnationalism and migration 

- Environmental/ Climate change-induced migration 

- Migration push and pull factors 

- Place theory 

- Place attachment and belonging

- Language in the context of migration

- Identity

- Mixed methods and multi-methods