Charlotte Spence


6th July 2023:

Leeds International Medieval Conference (IMC)

I am delivering a paper entitled: Curse Tablets and Personal Religion in Late Antiquity as part of a strand of 3 panels on Christian Entanglements of the Supernatural in Late Antiquity co-organised by myself and Dr. Ryan Denson. 

25th March 2023:

Private Religion in the Ancient World

I have been invited to give a paper at teh Institute of Classics Education, New York.

27th January 2023:

Exeter Postgraduates Work In Progress (Exewip): The Transfer of Magical Knowledge from the second to the fourth centuries CE

4th July 2022:

Leeds International Medieval Conference (IMC)

What Authority? The Law and the Creation of Curse Tablets in Late Antiquity as part of the panel: Social and Literary Authority in Late Antiquity III: Inscribing Authority 

6th May 2022:

Exeter Postgraduates Work In Progress (Exewip)

Matieral Culutre and Real Ancient History? 

A discussion on the use and abuse of DNA and isotope analysis. 

18th January 2022:


Paper title: The peculiarities of curse tablets from Carthage within the wider North African tradition and contrasted with those from the pan-Mediterranean vernacular tradition.

25th October 2021:

INDIVIDUALS BEHIND DOCUMENTS Papyri & inscriptions as a socio-cultural source?

What can the British Curse Tablets tell us about the sharing of magical knowledge in the second to fourth centuries CE?

September 2021:

Late Antiquity Network: Ambiguity and Ambivalence in Late Antiquity

Ambiguity in the Creation of Curse Tablets in Late Antiquity


I also chaired a pannel on material culture.

25th June 2021:

Apotropaia and Phylakteria Confronting Evil in Ancient Greece

An International Conference in Athens organised by the Swedish Institute at Athens. 

Paper Title: Curse Tablets as an 'Everyday' Ancient Means of Confronting Evil 


15th June 2021:

British Epigraphy Society online Conversation

Regional Epigraphic Cultures Across the Ancient Wider Mediterranean (Part 2)

Hosts: Ilaria Bultrighini (UCL) and Irene Salvo (Exeter)

I have been invited to contribute to an international conversation on regional variations in curse tablets.

4th June 2021:

Exeter Postgraduates Work In Progress (Exewip)

3rd June 2021:

South-West and Wales Late Antique, Early Medieval, and Byzantine Network 2nd Annual Summer Colloquium – Theme: Connectivity and Networks, 300-1200 CE

Local adaptions and the interconnectedness in the use of curse tablets


19th March 2021:

The Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History (AMPAH)

The Gods as Proxy? Crimes and Criminal Intent in Curse Tablets.


19th March 2021:

Exeter Postgraduates Work In Progress (Exewip)

Reflections on a Pandemic: Isolation in Antiquity through the Prism of Curse Tablets 

18th February 2021:

Crime in Classical Antiquity, Utrecht University, Netherlands

I was invited to deliver a talk for Teiresias (the student association of Antiquity of Utrecht University, Netherlands) as part of their symposium on Crime in Classical Antiquity.

Paper title: An Examination of Criminal Behaviour in Antiquity through Curse Tablets


21st November 2020:


Paper title:  Curse Tablets and Isolation in the Ancient World 

2nd October 2020:

Exeter Postgraduates Work In Progress (Exewip)

The Restless dead as witnesses and intermediaries in curse tablets and the rise of the cult of relics and martyrs 



15th June 2020:

The Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature (AMPAL)

Cancelled due to the COVID-19 Epidemic

I was due to present a paper entitled:  The Creation of Curse Tablets as a Response to and in Spite of Fear in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

12th June 2020:

Classics Isolation Creation Sessions

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown I jointly set up 'Isolation Creation Sessions' to present works in progress and papers. 

In this joint session I presented on the idea of the restless dead alongside Rebecca Grose who presented ideas on how aborted foetus souls work alongside the concept of the restless dead.  

1st April 2020:

PGR Humanities Conference: Contagion: People, Place, Ideas

Cancelled due to the COVID-19 Epidemic

I was due to present a paper entitled: The Contagion of Magical Curse Tablets in the Ancient World

20th March 2020:

The Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History (AMPAH)

Cancelled due to the COVID-19 Epidemic

I was due to present a paper called: The Power of the Restless Dead in Greek and Latin Curse Tablets

I was also to chair a panel entitled: Money Talks: Tax, Trade, Value which contained papers looking at fluctuations in trade and taxation in Rome's Indian Ocean trade, quantitative models and the Greek economy c. 800- 300 BCE, and the numismatic evidence in Livy book 34. 

24th January 2020:

Exeter Postgraduates Work In Progress (Exewip)

I presented a 30 minute paper and handout entitled: Ancient Curse Texts: Who or What was the Source of the Magical Power?

Exewip is an informal gathering of postgraduates every week which allows students to present a full length paper and recieve feedback and questions. 

17th June 2019:

Sexual Knowledge Symposium

Paper title: Power, Sex, and Spells: Erotic Magic in Curse Tablets.  

Extra Courses

July 2021:

The Open University: Digital Humanities: Humanities research in the digital age

June 2021:

British School at Athens Short Course ‘Byzantine Material Culture and Topography

May 2021:

Research Workshop Greek and Latin Epigraphy Dept. of History, Leiden University

Course run by Dr. L.E. Tacoma (Leiden) and Dr. C. Holleran (Exeter)