Farzana Mazumder

25th September 2010 to 1st September 2017

Private EFL Teacher

22nd August 2006 to 12th April 2009

EFL teacher- The Globe English Language School- Exeter

Apart from my usual duties of teaching adults of all levels (beginner to advanced), I was delegated the responsibility of constructing and heading special classes for specifically Saudi Arabian women, who for cultural reasons required womens' only classes. In addition I specialised in heading IELTS classes during my time at the school.

11th November 2004 to 14th June 2006

EFL teacher- The International English Language School- Portsmouth

I taught adults from a variety of nationalities at this private language school in the South-East of England. My classes consisted of beginner levels all the way to advanced level students. My teaching experience also consisted of heading IELTS sessions. 

9th September 2003 to 10th August 2004

English Language Teacher - The Saudi Arabian School, Exeter

I had the pleasure of teaching English language at the Saudi school in Exeter to students who were studying  from the British curriculum and the Saudi Arabian curriculum too. I was required to use materials provided from the Educational department of Saudi Arabia, which I made amendments where required so as to be suitable for the students living in the U.K.