Jasmine Hunter-Evans

2015 to 2015

The Poem

This module provides an overview of the history of poetry from the ancient world to the present. It specialises in teaching students how to critically analyse formal, contextual and stylistic aspects of poetry and introduces them to a wide range of poets, poems and movements.

2014 to 2014

From the Grand Tour to Gladiator: Modern Encounters with the Ancient World

This module in the History department explores the long-running western fascination with the ancient world in a wide variety of contexts from 1750 onwards and uses a broad range of primary and secondary sources. I assisted Professor Kate Fisher with the teaching on this course. 

2014 to 2014

Widening Participation Discover Days

On these days, seminars were taught to visiting groups of GCSE and A-Level students to encourage them to consider the possibility of a university education. 

2014 to 2014

Greek Fire

This module covers the reception of Greek literature – in particular The Iliad, The Odyssey, Sappho’s fragments, and Greek tragedy – throughout the British literary tradition. I assisted Dr Henry Power with the teaching on this course. 

2012 to present

Beginnings: English Literature before 1800

This module explores literature in relation to its context. It covers texts like AtrahasisThe BibleThe Odyssey, and Beowulf and explores their mythology and meaning within their contemporary societies. Later in the course the students are encouraged to examine the classical reception present in poetry, plays and novels such as Paradise LostA Winter’s Tale and Frankenstein.

2012 to 2013

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

I have completed Stage 1, 2 and 3 and have received a Master accreditation. I am also an Associate of the Higher Education Academy (AHEA).

2011 to 2012

The Poem and Modernism and Modernity: Literature 1900-1960

I shadowed on both these modules as part of the Graduate Teaching Assistant Programme.