Jasmine Hunter-Evans


12th April 2015:

Classical Association Conference

I presented a paper titled ‘Recovering Radical Reception’: Welsh Nationalism’s Claim that “Rome is our Mother”’ at this conference held at the University of Bristol.

7th October 2014:

Ancient HIstory Seminar Series

I was invited to give an extended paper titled 'The Welsh are Romans': David Jones, Plaid Cymru and the Concept of the Nation’ in the departmental seminar series at Cardiff University.

12th September 2014:

David Jones: Christian Modernist?

I introduced and screened a previously lost 1965 BBC interview between Saunders Lewis and David Jones at this conference organised by Regent’s Park College’s Centre for Christianity and Culture and the ‘Modernism and Christianity’ project at the University of Bergen, Norway.

5th September 2014:

British Poetry of the First World War

I presented a paper titled 'Everything is a balls-up and a kind of "Praise" at the same time': David Jones' vision of Passchendaele' at the English Association Conference at Wadham College, Oxford.

10th May 2014:

Nationalism and Patriotism

I presented a paper titled '"The Welsh are Romans": The Centrality of Rome in the Politics, Historiography and Poetry of Twentieth-Century Welsh Nationalism' at the University of Warwick.

10th April 2014:

Classics and Classicists in the First World War

I presented an extended paper titled 'Re-imagining Rome at the Fall of Western Civilization: David Jones and the Analogy of Decline' at this conference organised as part of the Legacies of War project at the University of Leeds.

21st March 2014:

Postgraduate Work-in-Progress Seminar

I was invited to give an extended paper titled 'The Decline of the West and the Rise of Cyclical History: Visions of Rome in the Inter-war Period' at part of the Classics Seminar Series at the Institute of Classical Studies.

5th December 2013:

Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World

I was the lead organiser of this postgraduate classical reception conference which was held at the University of Exeter on the 5th - 6th of December 2013. Alongside securing all the necessary funding for the conference, generously donated by the Institute of Classical Studies and the University of Exeter's Annual Fund, I also organised an interactive exhibition of classics in film at the Bill Douglas Centre, a silent film screening of the 1914 Italian Spartacus which is open free to the public, an evening of theatre and classical music, and workshops on classical reception for the delegates. Papers were presented by over 30 national and international postgraduates from a variety of disciplines.

13th September 2013:

Modernism in Wales and Beyond

I presented a paper titled 'The Welsh as Romans: Aspects of Nationalism in David Jones and Saunders Lewis' at the David Jones Centre's annual conference held in the National Library of Wales.

5th July 2013:

Classics and Ancient History Beyond the Department

I organised an interdisciplinary symposium which brought together a wide variety of postgraduates from across the university whose research involved the study of the Ancient World. After successfully applying for funding from both the Humanities College and the Bridging the Gaps initiative, I ran an event which included postgraduate presentations and discussion followed by a fully catered reception.

23rd May 2013:

Shifting Territories: Modern and Contemporary Poetics of Place

I presented a paper titled 'Cultural Borders and British Identity: David Jones's call for inclusivity in "The Tutelar of the Place" (1961)' at this conference organised by Oxford Brooks and Reading University and held at the Institute of English Studies, Senate House.

22nd September 2012:

Borders in the Literary and Visual Arts of David Jones at Ladywell Cemetery

I presented a paper titled "David Jones and Cultural Borders"

29th March 2012:

David Jones: Culture and Artifice at Washington Adventist University

I presented a paper titled 'David Jones: "The entire past is at the poet's disposal"' at this prestigious conference at Washington Adventist University in Washington DC which was attended by many of the well-known Jones scholars such as Dr. Tom Dilworth, Dr. Kathleen Henderson Staudt, Dr. Anne Price-Owen and Dr. Thomas Goldpaugh.

Project Facilitator


The International Christopher Marlowe

I am facilitating an AHRC research project for which I am organising an international conference, administrating a series of workshops and creating and managing the project Website.