Michael Alan (Mike) Cooper


Telephone: 0786 797 0880 

College: College of Humanities

  • Born and brought up in the US (Atlanta, Memphis, Washington DC, Manhattan), and graduated from Stuyvesant High School, NYC, 1972.
  • BA English & Drama, Exeter University, 1975. PGCE (Secondary), Alsager College of Higher Education, 1976. 
  • Taught English and Drama in a Leeds comprehensive school, 1976-1980. Youth & Community Centre Director, Leeds, 1980-82. Lecturer (later, Senior Lecturer) in English, Theatre, Film, etc., Wakefield College, West Yorkshire, 1982-1994. Head of English, Foreign Languages, Media, etc., Brockenhurst College, Hampshire, 1994-99.
  • Also, Examiner/Moderator and later Senior Examiner/Principal Moderator in GCSE/AS/A level English, for JMB and AEB, 1988-1999; plus, Examiner in AS level Critical Thinking OCR, 1998-1999.
  • Regional Director for the South East, at LSDA (the Learning and Skills Development Agency), 1999-2006.
  • Independent consultant in further education, skills and training, 2006-2020.
  • Now retired -- undertaking a part-time, external MbyRes in English at Exeter University from September 2019.