Rowena Cockett

Department: History
Discipline: History
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Medieval Studies

Project Summary

I am currently working on a PhD thesis entitled: 'The Perception and Management of Extreme Emotions in Thirteenth-Century Iberia'

This seeks to use approaches from the History of Emotions to assess how thirteenth-century Iberians understood and managed the very extremes of the emotional spectrum, such as grief, anger, and fear. It uses a variety of sources, both historical and literary, to explore the cultural anxieties around extreme emotions and how and when such emotions were expected to be restrained within different social groups.

My project is funded by the Exeter-Brown Studentship in Medieval History.

Supervisory Team

Formerly the late Professor Simon Barton (University of Central Florida)

Currently Dr Catherine Rider (University of Exeter) and Professor Amy Remensyder (Brown University)

Wider Research Interests

I have a wider interest both in medieval Spain and in the History of Emotions in medieval Europe more generally. I am also very interested by the Crusades and the cultural ideology of Chivalry, as well as medieval beliefs about magic and the supernatural.

Authored Publications/Reports

Rowena Cockett (29th November 2018) Inside the Mind of a Medieval King, BBC History Magazine, Christmas Issue 2018, 26-30.