Andrew Worley

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King's College London


University of Exeter


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May 2017:

Fribourg, Switzerland

'Screeching Volumes: Plutarch's use of the Ath. Pol. as an intertextual bridge between Athens & Rome'

Conference Paper, XIth International Congress of the International Plutarch Society

May 2017:


'I Came, I Saw, I Wrote It Down: reconsidering the impact of Cassius Dio's claims as eye-witness to history'

Conference paper, Contemporary History in the Ancient World

May 2017:


'Jests and Speeches for the New-Guy: nugatory vocalization in historical texts'

Conference paper, Trifling Matters

April 2017:


'Rome beta: Livy’s Syracuse as a model for an alternate-reality Rome'

Conference paper, Classical Association 2017

April 7 2016:


'So Much Hot Air: Rethinking Aristophanes' Knights in light of interactive interpretation'

Conference paper, Classical Association 2016

February 9 2016:


'An Abusive Sea of Nameless Fa(e)ces: Herodian's masterclass on the problem of non-elite engagement'

Seminar paper, PGWiP, University of Exeter

September 13 2015:


'Let the Poor Man Speak?: Contests of Speech between non-elites and elites within Rome & the Empire'

Conference paper, Contests of Speech & Song

May 6 2015:


'‘If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Anything at All’: the limited voice of non-elites in Imperial literature'

Seminar paper, Classics Department, University of Exeter

April 11 2015:


'Critical Mass?: Contests of speech between non-elites and elites within Rome & the Empire'

Conference paper, Classical Association 2015

March 30 2015:


'When Know Means Yes: a pair of questionable speeches in Dio Chrysostom & Livy'

Conference paper, Humanities PGR, University of Exeter

February 10 2015:


'Fiddlers on the Roof: or how a wily historian can utilize mas(s)-turbation as a distraction'

Seminar paper, PGWiP, University of Exeter

September 13 2014:


'The Crook, the Greek, his Lives and two Brothers: reconstructing Cleon’s speech from Plutarch’s Lives'

Conference paper, Plutarch

September 6 2014:


'Purple Reigns? Phaedrus, Failure & The Piper Formerly Known As Princeps'

Conference paper, AMPAL 2014

May 30 2014:


'The Populace Protest, but it’s not Popular: manipulation of non-elite vocalization at Rome & abroad in the 1st Century CE'

Seminar Paper, PGWiP, Institute of Classical Studies

May 2014:

ARTICLE: Pegasus 57 (Departmental Journal)

The Curio Incident: Of the Camp in the Night-time (A Problematic Acclamation in Caesar’s Bellum Civile ii)

October 24 2013:


'Two Romans and a Greek run into a crowd, then screech to a fault: the speech of two Gaiuses and one Cleon in Suetonius, Plutarch & Aristophanes'

Seminar paper, PGWiP, University of Exeter

January 30 2013:


'All Mouth & No Togas: Cicero & Livy on attitudes to non-Roman vocalization'

Seminar paper, PGWiP University of Exeter


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Hellenic Society of Great Britain


Roman Society of Great Britain