Andrew Worley

Like many of my PhD colleagues, I (unimaginative fellow that I am) did aspire to a career in academia. I was fortunate enough to have undertaken a wide range of teaching within the Department - something I discovered that I enjoyed greatly. A brief spell teaching Classics to secondary students at Exmouth Community College confirmed that I believe I can make more impact in the state school system than I can at university. Whilst finishing my thesis write-up, I also completed my PGCE in Secondary History at Exeter, and now teach in a secondary school in Newton Abbot.

In terms of future researches, I am interested in the political capabilities and official reaction toward the ancient tavern, the neglected historian Herodian, and post-Roman Latin literary histories of Britain. Alternatively, I may simply become two elderly gentlemen (who haunt the pages of a certain departmental journal) full-time, and gamble the small stipend on the boat-race.