Delphi May

September 2018


Translation seminar leader

April 2018


I was an examiner for students' oral competency in the Spanish language

18th September 2017 to present

FTT1ITV: Introduction to Television

I took two seminar groups on the module Introduction to Television, at the University of Reading (convenor: Dr Faye Woods)

18th January 2017

Images of Dissent: Spanish Film Under Franco (MLS2017)

I led three seminar groups for Professor Sally Faulkner's module "Images of Dissent: Spanish Film Under Franco." 

16th January 2017

Volver: Screening the Past in Spanish Cinema (MLS3055)

I led two seminar groups for Professor Sally Faulkner's final year module "Volver: Screening the Past in Spanish Cinema." 

November 2016

Spanish Language (MLS 3111)

I provided a series of supplementary sessions dedicated to supporting final year students as they prepare for their (Spanish-English) translation exam. The sessions consisted of confronting exemplar translations from a variety of literary resources, strategies for translating unknown texts under pressure, and strategies for incorporating effective footnotes into an exam script. In addition, I provided the students with an extension of their translation material, which includes example translations from novels with a view to them completing it during the Christmas break. 

1st October 2013 to 15th May 2014

ELA, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Salamanca

I enjoyed my role as a British Council English Language Assistant at La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Salamanca, Spain. I taught a wide range of pupils of varying ages, from adolescents to those who had been retired for some time. I particularly paid attention to developing their careful and natural use of colloquial English in daily conversation, as well as devoting much time and care with regards to improving their writing skills. I put together several booklets which aided the students throughout their revision period. These consisted of 'cloze test' or 'blank filling' exercises, reading comprehension tasks and mock essay questions, which I would then collect and mark on an individual basis.