Suchitra Vijay Verma

As an ambitious career-oriented woman, I wish to study and explore my faculties until the end of my professional service. I am currently in my doctoral stage and will, hopefully, be completing with my thesis in the next two years. As an educator, I see myself in a leadership and manager position somewhere serving in the UAE education ministry. I am currently an EMI (English Medium Subjects) Lead of 3 schools. In this capacity, I am a supervisor, manager, administrator, problem-solver, communicator, teacher, advisor, counsellor and much more.

I wish to be in a decision-making position wherein I could be a planner and could work in the operations. Making use of my doctoral knowledge and my ambitions to contribute to research, I will study deep into teacher development and prepare strategies and development plans for schools and possibly also be able to serve in the higher education sector. 

Learning never stops. I am going to keep my options open to opportunities and learn from every role that I have been in to and will be into. My career has only begun to move upward and I hope to achieve high in the education field in the coming years.