Dr Mahmoud Abdallah

Department: TESOL
Research Centre/Unit: TESOL and ICT

Project Summary

My PhD project is a design study that investigates the possibility of expanding the language-related literacy practices of EFL student teachers in an Egyptian teacher education programme. This involves integrating some Web-based new literacies into their pre-service education programme and, hence, indulging them in new literacy practices that improve their language learning. The study employs Design-Based Research (DBR) as an emerging paradigm in educational research which involves several iterations of design, implementation, and evaluation so as to reach improvement in both theory and practice. It is a pragmatic, developmental approach that utilises both qualitative and quantitative methods in serving specific research purposes.

Supervisory Team

Prof. Rupert Wegerif

Prof. Tony Wright

Wider Research Interests

New theories of literacy and language learning, EFL curriculum design in teacher education, essay writing, reading instruction, socio-cultural theory and language learning, Web-mediated learning, employing Web-based facilities and online tools for English language learning purposes, reading skills, reading strategies, study skills, dictionary skills, new genres of writing facilitated by new technologies (e.g., collaborative writing and connective writing), and employing Multiple Intelligences Theory in language learning, using Wikipedia for language learning purposes, and Schemata Theory and writing in English.

Authored Publications/Reports

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