Dr Mahmoud Abdallah


My online articles

Submitted 5 papers Online on ERIC (Education Resources Information Center):
1- Abdallah, M. M. S. (2005) The Effect of Using a Multiple Intelligences-Based Training Programme on Developing English Majors' Oral Communication Skills. ERIC Online Submission. ED498888.
2- Abdallah, M. M. S. (2007) Exploring the Process of Integrating the Internet into English Language Teaching. ERIC Online Submission. ED498887
3- Abdallah, M. M. S. (2008) Multiple Ways to be Smart: Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and its Educational Implications in English Teaching and Oral Communication. ERIC Online Submission. ED502634
4- Abdallah, M. M. S. (2008) "New Literacies or New Challenges?": The Development of the Concept of Literacy in the Context of Information and Communication Technologies and Language Teaching. ERIC Online Submission. ED502132
5- Abdallah, M. M. S. (2009) Towards a Methodological Improvement of Narrative Inquiry: A Qualitative Analysis. ERIC Online Submission. ED506060


14th May 2011:

Notepad is NOT bad: Employing Yahoo! Notepad as an online research diary in educational enquiry based on a PhD study

Paper presented at the Graduate School of Education Annual Staff Student Conference, 14 May 2011, University of Exeter, UK. Full article available at: http://hdl.handle.net/10036/3084

9th July 2010:

Web-based new literacies:revisiting literacy in TESOL and EFL teacher education

Paper presented at the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) International TESOL Conference 'Redefining "TESOL" for the 21st Century', held at Surfer's Paradise, the Gold Coast, Australia (7th-10th July 2010). Full-text available at: https://eric.exeter.ac.uk/repository/handle/10036/111761



Journal article

10th January 2011:

The Internet in EFL Teacher Education: Investigating the Possibilities and Challenges in a Pre-Service Teacher Education Programme

Sino-US English Teaching v8 n1 Jan 2011. Also available at: http://www.eric.ed.gov/PDFS/ED518218.pdf