Dr Mahmoud Abdallah

Personal details

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Date of Birth:

1st January 1976



1- PhD in Education (Curriculum & TESOL/TEFL Methodology), from the University of Exeter, UK, 2011.
2- MA in Education (Curriculum and Instruction of Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from College of Education, Assiut University (July, 2005).
3- Special Diploma in Education (Very Good) from Assiut University College of Education (November 2000).
4- BA in Literature and Education (English Section) with an honourable Very Good grade from Assiut University College of Education (June, 1997).


Professional/research experience

October 2 2007:

I've recently finished my PhD at the Graduate School of Education and passed my viva. I started in October, 2007, and finished in 2011. It is a design study that aims at improving EFL student teachers' literacy practices in the Egyptian pre-service EFL education programmes. It is assumed that improving those students' literacy practices can be achieved throughout integrating some new literacies (i.e. skills, knowedge, and competencies) based on the Web into their education programmes. This entails widening the concept of literacy itself to encompass the new dimensions imposed by new technologies, especially the Internet. 

July 7 2001 - July 31 2005:

I completed my MA in education (Curriculum & TESOL/TEFL Methodology). It was a research-based degree that involved conducting a research study that employs the experimental design. Therefore, I used this design for designing and experimenting a training programme that was based on Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. The goal was to develop some functional, oral communication skills for freshmen, undergraduate students at the college (i.e. prospective teachers of English). The rationale underlying the study was that when students' learning styles and multiple intelligences were addressed in an active (and relaxing) learning context, their learning might be improved.

October 10 1998 - October 10 2000:

Assiut University College of Education

Special Diploma in education in which I learned a good deal about different approaches and methodologies of educational research. During that period, I was involved in many research activities and small-scale research projects in areas such as educational psychology, mental hygiene, and educational technology.