Will King MbyRes (AFHEA)

Department: SSIS
Discipline: Politics

Project Summary

I study political engagement and how British political parties harness political engagement for electoral success, in particular looking at social media. The thesis focused on the 2010-7 electoral period, examining how political parties mobilised their supporters over this time, stretching from the TV debates in 2010 to the employment of apps and effective dialogic campaigning in 2017. I also studied the effects of second-order elections on the British electorate and how political parties mobilised their supporters for these elections.

Supervisory Team

Primary supervisor: Professor Susan Banducci

Secondary supervisor: Dr Amy McKay

​Research mentor: Dr Andy Schaap

Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests are electoral politics, political economics, neoliberal study, social media and politics, environmental economics, and imperial politics.

Authored Publications/Reports

King, William (19th May 2017) A Comparative Study of the ‘Yes’ vote for the 2011 AV Referendum and the 2016 EU Referendum, TOR - Journal of the South West Doctoral Training Centre, Issue 3 - May 2017, 19-27

William King, Alexander Prenter, Sylwia Borkowska-Waszak, Cornelia Kramsall, Clara Seligmann, Francis Barou, Quentin Bill and Emma Aubert (30th November 2017) Politics and Institutions: Reform of the Europan Citizens Initiative and Electoral Reform in the European Union, Tackling Populism: Hope Over Fear: 1989 Generation Initiative, Issue 2, 6-12