Will King MbyRes (AFHEA)

Personal details





University of Exeter

Certificate in Advanced Study: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education


University of Exeter

MA by Research in Politics.


Oxford Brookes University

MA International Studies (Environment)


Universty of Exeter

BA History and Politics


Lancing College

3 A2 Levels. All As in History, Religious Studies and English.

4 AS Level. 2 As in Religious Studies and English, B in History, and C in Latin.

11 GCSEs, including Maths and English.



Professional/research experience

February 12 2020:

Editorial Board - The Open Review

I am on the editorial board for The Open Review (TOR), the journal of the social sciences for the South West Doctoral Training Partnership, and as such am responsible for the call for papers, commissioning articles, organising peer review, and other responsibilities.

May 2 2019 - August 31 2019:

University of Exeter/LSE - Project Support Administrator - London School of Economics and Political Science.

Project Support Administrator - London School of Economics and Political Science.

I worked under Professor Bridget Hutter in this role, and was involved in the collection, distribution and followup of surveys in regards to the project on community resilience and flooding Professor Hutter is working on.


April 10 2017 - December 7 2017:

University of Exeter - Impact Researcher for The International Law of Cyber Operations (Tallinn Manual 2.0)

My supervisor recommended me for this role working for Professor Michael Schmitt of the Law Department and the United States Navy. The role requires me to gain an intimate knowledge of the Tallinn Manual 2.0, a cyber-defence manual edited by Professor Schmitt. As such, my role necessitates me to judge the impact of the Manual on policy and defence issues, and whether the Manual actually has made impact internationally politically, legally and on defence matters. Thus, I have had to phone up or contact in other ways dozens of organisations and people in order to see this, using communication skills and multi-tasking skills effectively. I wrote all of this up in a 25,000 word report which went into detail about how different bodies and individuals had utilised the Tallinn Manual 2.0 for policy and academic purposes, and then a 5,000 word report which went into more detail about specific lessons that could be learned from the Tallinn Manual 2.0 process. All of this has given me valuable experience in how academia can have a real life impact and how to tailor academic work in order to have the most impact possible, providing both academic vigour and value for money.

July 28 2015 - November 15 2015:

University of Exeter - British Election Study

I took took part in the British Election Study project 'Media in Context 2015', which analyses the media before, during and after the British General Election 2015 in order to judge the context in which they talk about politics and the major political issues/figures of the day. As a result of this, I was invited to the EPOP Cardiff 2015 Conference, where I spoke about my work on the project, and I was also awarded a bursary on merit as a result of my work.


CV: Membership of Professional Bodies/Professional Qualifications


University of Exeter ASPIRE Associate Fellowship.


Associate Fellow of the Academy of Higher Education

I submitted my completed teaching portfolio to the Academy of Higher Education, and passed ably. As a result, I was awarded the position of Associate Fellow of the Academy of Higher Education, and I am currently working towards my postgraduate certificate in teaching higher education.


LTHE Certificate I & II


Royal Society of Geographers

Postgraduate Fellow


EPOP - Elections, public opinion and parties

Postgraduate Fellow