Will King MbyRes (AFHEA)


15th April 2019:

Political Studies Association Nottingham 2019 Conference

I presented at a panel I organised with five other academics on the topic of 'Electoral Processes Across Divergent Electoral Systems', with our panel and paper being accepted for in November 2018. The paper I presented, co-written with Dr Henry Jarrett, was received well when we presented it in April 2019, and plans are underway to write it up formally for a major journal.

12th December 2017:

Exeter Politics Graduate Seminar Series

I presented a paper based on my AV article published for the SWDTP, and I received many useful comments and criticisms which shall be taken into account when I rework the paper for publication elsewhere.

10th February 2017:

1989 Generation Initiative Conference

Along with 79 other European academics, I was chosen out of thousands of applicants to be a delegate to the conference Tackling Populism: Hope Over Fear, specifically speaking on the roundtable:

"Politics & Institutions - Amplifying the citizens' voice in Brussels: What new tools and mechanisms should the EU implement in order to facilitate the engagement of European citizens with the EU decision-making process?"

As such, I have spoken at the launch conference in February 2017 for Hope Over Fear, launched by the 1989 Initiative, an organisation with links to many European universities and the European Parliament. After this, I discussed our plans with our roundtable twice a month online at webinars in order to come up with concrete policy proposals which we presented to the European Parliament in December 2017, offering practical solutions to the challenges that European democracy and the European project faces, focusing very much on resolving democratic disengagement and democratic empowerment within the European project.

This roundtable and project demonstrates both my aptitude for political analysis, practical political solutions, and my skill as a researcher and academic, as I was selected from thousands of applicants for the position. It also shows my commitment to research and shows how my work has direct impact on the world, moving beyond the theoretical and into the practical.

10th July 2016:

Graduate ECPR Conference - July 2016

10th September 2015:

Elections, Public Opinions and Parties Conference

I was invited (and won a merit-based bursary) to attend the EPOP Conference in Cardiff 2015 to present and discuss my work on the British Election Study 2015 to the assembled academics there. My work and presentation was well-received and I made many interesting contacts.

10th April 2015:

Exeter University SWDTC Conference

Graduate School Skills Workshops

10th January 2017:

SPSS - A Generic Introduction

9th November 2016:

SPSS Intermediate- September to November 2016

8th March 2016:

SSIS PGR Workshop - ESRC Data Sets: Secondary Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

10th July 2015:

NEXIS/Coding Training for British Election Study project